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May 20, 2019 2:27 am

A Texas-Made Suicide Squad Fanfilm is on the way

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The Suicide Squad is coming to the small screen.

Well, as small as a screen can be on the internet.

Debuting in December is A Typical Tuesday, a Suicide Squad fanfilm from Bj Lewis and Taurian Films.

SuicideSquadStill1“We love the Suicide Squad and we love fanfilms,” Lewis said about the urge to make the 45-minute short film. “We’re all geeked for the big screen movie coming out next year and to help pass some of the time until it does we decided to make our own Squad.”

The film features an assorted cast of characters brought to life by a number of talented Texas actors. Leading the charge as he so often does in the pages of the DC comic book is Deadshot, played by Steven Chad Cramer. Riding shotgun is bucket of crazy Harley Quinn played by Caly Pool. Also on the team are Black Spider (Cloyse Caruthers), White Dragon (Joshua Blackmon), Knockout (Ash Robbins), Bolt (Fabian Lopez) and a brand new character exclusive to the short, Rot Iron (Michael Green, Jr.). Of course it wouldn’t be a Squad movie without Amanda Waller (Kerry McCormick) and Rick Flag (Derrick Andrews).

In the film, the Squad is sent on a mission, which goes horribly wrong and they must scramble to salvage things and take down the villainous Hazard (Brandon Henry) before Waller scrubs the team from the face of the earth.

The film was shot in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth area on a budget of nothing but the love of the characters and a desire to produce the script the Lewis wrote. That’s been the case on most of Lewis’ productions so far which include the comedy series, Insourcing and the superhero web series, Party Girl.

A Typical Tuesday features fight choreography from up and coming DFW stunt team, Adrenaline Fights & Stunts.

“I have just been blessed as I have been in my other projects so far. Blessed to find talented people who believe in the script I wrote, enjoy the characters they play and go above and beyond to make the end product happen. We had a lot of long days and late nights with this, I just hope they are satisfied and proud of what we have put together.”

A Typical Tuesday is certainly not the first fanfilm to hit the internet nor will it be the last, especially when it comes to the superhero variety. But, Lewis is hoping it can set itself apart from the rest.

“From the first fanfilm I really paid attention to Dan Poole’s Green Goblin’s Last Stand, I have loved fanfilms and wanted to make a good one,” Lewis said. “Recent ones like Nightwing, Batgirl, Zordon of Eltar, Batman: Dead End, World’s Finest… they have set a pretty high bar and I am hoping people will see the film and come away thinking we made a pretty good attempt to grab that bar.”SuicideSquadStill3

Lewis plans to screen the film in December at the historic Texas Theatre before putting it online.

“Of course it’s a fanfilm so we can’t and are not trying to make any profit off it, we just want to show our love to the Squad. We just want to wow people on the small screen until we are all wowed on the big screen.”





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