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July 19, 2019 1:31 am

Frankenbabe Returns!

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October Tales of Terror on Comixology!
It just wouldn’t be October without some fresh horror from 215 Ink going up on Comixology. Coming this Wednesday, October 26th, we’ve got the third installment of Joe Badon’s fun fan favorite Frankenbabe, a campy adventure tale about a reanimated superhero stripper who’s looking to clean up the streets she once walked.
In her final fisticuffs with the evil Mr. Sinn, Frankenbabe fights for (what’s left of) her life. If she survives, she may discover the final pieces of Mr. Sinn’s plot, and face an insidious antagonist from New Transylvania’s past.

For a free review copy, click here! And Frankenbabe’s home on Comixology can be found here!

And don’t forget about the great horror we’ve already got up on Comixology, like Golgotha, Ghost Lines, Love Monster, Jesus Hates Zombies and of course, All Hallows’ Eve!

Review copies of Frankenbabe #1 and Frankenbabe #2 can be had by clicking those links, and feel free to choose your own 3-page samples for coverage. We hope you have a very happy Halloween, and if you’d like to speak to any of our creators feel free to contact us and we’ll put you in touch.

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