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May 20, 2019 3:03 am

Joe DeSantos and Chimera Studios Launch Kickstarter for Aria

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Aria is a politically charged sci-fi opera written as an indictment to the social issues of our times. Political corruption, corporate greed, ecological irresponsibility and the very human need for sentient contact.
Talia Green, our young heroine, stranded on an alien world. Her only companion: an A.I. tutor. After years of being sequestered from the world around her, she and a scavenger named Ya’Ren find each other. When faced with the possibility of unending isolation or the perils of a world not her own, Talia braves the latter…., but will she be embraced as a lost child…. or feared as an unknown danger?
This Kickstarter campaign will fund the printing of the already finished first chapter of Aria. Every reward tier from the smallest to the largest brings unique and exclusive incentives. Everything from pdf copies of the book, concept illustrations straight from the artists sketch book, signed copies of Aria#1 and signed and numbered art prints. Join Chimera Studio and creator Joe DeSantos in bringing this socially relevant story to the world.

2 responses to Joe DeSantos and Chimera Studios Launch Kickstarter for Aria

  1. Thank you for giving this socially relevant story some exposure!

  2. That’s what we do Joe! If you want an interview in the magazine, etc, check here:

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