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May 20, 2019 2:26 am

Kickstarter for Nix Comics Quarterly #8, Independents Day & CXC

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Pledge for your copy of Nix Comics Quarterly #8 on Kickstarter!

Nix Comics Quarterly (NCQ) #8 will be the fourth full-length publication released by Nix Comics in 2015.  Funds are tight due to some unexpected expenses with the last Nix Release: “Jim Shepard, Negotiate Nothing.”  As it stands, I’ll have just enough to pay the artists involved and enough to print copies to mail to my 2014-15 subscribers, but not enough to have extra copies for shows, stores, and my website.  I am asking you to pre-order your copy of the newest book at a discount using this Kickstarter, maybe buy some great original or catch up on some back issues you missed out on!

As with all crowdfunders, its success is predicated on getting word out.  Please help out by sharing the link on social media and/or forwarding this email to someone who might be interested in checking out Nix Comics.  (Thanks!)


Issue #8 Artist and Story line Up

COVER:   John Jennings

Bus Stop Ned Finds Jesus (Hallelujah!)
by Matt Miner and Gideon Kendall

Bus Stop Ned returns to the pages of NCQ and, apparently, is bringing his newly found devotion with him, much to the dismay of his fellow commuter.

Bus Stop Ned’s Limited Vocabulary
by Ken Eppstein and Rafael Rosado

Ned is the victim of a crime that he can’t quite name.  Don’t you hate when that happens?

Did It Really happen? The Cramps Are Voted Out of the Scene
By Ken Eppstein and Mark Rudolph
A secret scene insider tells Lux Interior and Poison Ivy Rorschach why they aren’t ever mentioned in any of the histories of the early New York punk scene.

Top Twelve Rejected Nix Comics Quarterly Stories
by Rob Jefferson

Rock N Roll Horror comics should be an easy enough theme to grasp, right? Check out these entries to previous calls for material and you tell me!  Presented by the inimitable Pander Bear.


The Music of Eric Slowhand
by Christian Hoffer and Derek Stewart

Hoffer and Stewart return to the oozy critter filled post apocalyptic world of last issue’s “MP3s of Madness” story.  The world’s last record store owner finds a surviving classic rock icon who claims to have the route to salvation, but does the man live up to the legend?

How to Succeed in Indie Comics Through (Human) Sacrifice
by Ken Eppstein and Tillie Walden
What’s behind the unprecedented success of Nix Comics?  Find out as Nix editor Ken Eppstein leads you through the dark satanic rites that are the back bone of the Indie Comics scene.

The Vicar: Only In Dreams
by Ken Eppstein and Michael Neno

In between gigs the Vicar sleeps in the tour van while the members of his Choir postulate on his past.  If only they could see the pieces of the truth slipping through the Vicar’s dreams!

Aleister Crowe Sings Sick Songs: Excitable Boy
by Ken Eppstein, Darren Merinuk and Rich Trask

Aleister Crowe responds in song to the Warden investigation of Crowe’s connection the disappearance of prison guard.  Will the ballad of a legendary singer songwriter turned unholy revenant be enough to get the Warden off of Crowe’s back?

ColumbusComicsUpcoming Events:

The Columbus Comics Market at Independents Day

Columbus’s annual celebration of local arts and business, Independents Day, will be hosting a Columbus Comics Market.  Come out and meet some of the best and brightest cartoonists in town, learn more about the coming Cartoon Crossroads Columbus festival (more below) shop at the Laughing Ogre’s table or even make your own comic!

Just look for the giant tent festooned with the great images created by Rich Trask seen below!

IDaCartoon Crossroads Columbus
If you have been looking for an excuse to visit Columbus, this is it an if you’re a proud C_bus resident, this is the thing you should be crowing about.  The inaugural Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CXC) is scheduled for October 1-4 and I’m honored to be a small part of it as an exhibitor.  (Seriously… honored… take a look at the guest list and exhibitor list. I can’t believe my little-publications-that-could are going to be at the same show as these folks!)

CXC is a city-wide festival that includes workshops, presentations and exhibitions at multiple locations over the course of four days.  Most all of the events are free, although some have a minimal ticket price.

I’m going to take part in as many of the events at the festival as possible. You will for-sure catch me at the Saturday 11:00am-6:00pm, October 3rd exhibition at the downtown Cultural Arts Center.

Check out the cool event poster by Dustin Harbin




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