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August 19, 2019 9:15 pm

Moonlit Dawn: A Mythical Tale

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Wolf brothers, Joker and Mischief, have been roaming since they were exiled from their pack; their goal to put the past miles behind them. Until they are halted by Harmony, a half-goddess, who declares the brothers are elemental guardians.Their quest sounded simple; use their abilities to eliminate the Beastmen and prevent the goddess from destroying fate itself. As the journey progresses it begins to burden the brothers as they confront their shrouded past and unearth family secrets. Uncovering the core of themselves could strengthen them rendering defeat of the corrupt goddess, or it could disintegrate morale and all could fall into chaos.
Moonlit Dawn: A Mythical Tale is currently an ongoing fantasy series written and illustrated by Alethea, published by Insane Comics, LLC; available for digital download or print.

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