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December 21, 2019 9:04 am

Small Business Artist Will Put Your Pet In A Coloring Book!

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Maria Oglesby, an  illustrator based in Southern  California, has hopped on board the current adult coloring book craze in a unique way.   Her just launched Kickstarter for  her coloring book isn’t  made of drawings she has previously created; it will be made up  of drawings of backers’ pets.

The Kickstarter will run  until  August 30th.  During  that time pet lovers and adult coloring hobbyists will have the opportunity to pledge to one of 10 different reward tiers, five of which  will allow  the backer to submit a photo of their pet for  the artist to use as reference for  one of the books’ drawings.

“I do  a lot  of custom pet portraits” She says in her Kickstarter video “and I love the look  on  people’s face when I draw something just for  them that has the essence of the personality of their loved one or their loved furry friend in them, and  I want to bring  that to a bunch of people and  share that with  them.”

The Kickstarter accepts any  type of pet, not just cats and  dogs, and  (if the Kickstarter is successful) will be drawn and  printed as an  8.5×11” soft cover over the next eight to nine months.

Those interested in pledging to the Kickstarter can  do  so at: coloring-book

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