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January 22, 2019 9:06 pm

The Breakthrough Journal for Creative Writing launches on Kickstarter

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A powerful planner and community to help you improve your writing skills and build your confidence quicker than you thought possible.
> Do you want to be a successful author?
> Do you want to improve your skills and confidence as a writer in super-quick time?
> Do you struggle to find the words to express your ideas and characterizations?
> Do you suffer from writer’s block?
If you are prepared to challenge your skills to accomplish your writing goals, then you need The Breakthrough Journal for Creative Writing.
The Breakthrough Journal and exclusive online community for authors is a powerful and yet simple to use, 56-day system to help you become a better writer and to develop the all-important writing habit that all successful authors share.
This Journal and Online Community is for people like you, whether you are an aspiring author, a published author looking to improve, or are simply writing for fun.
We live in a world of constant distractions and interruptions. Time flies by, leaving our hopes and dreams unfulfilled. That changes today with The Breakthrough Journal for Creative Writing.
It’s time to FOCUS on your goals and develop the writing skills crushed by the world’s top authors.

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