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August 16, 2018 6:57 am

THE GUN 2 comes in BLASTING!

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The mysterious GUN changes hands again and winds up saving a little girl from her father’s most deadly mistake.

Norman is a good man bagged in a big sack of loser. He has always done “the right thing” and the right thing has brought him nothing but misery. Crap job. Crap life. Wife gone. The one point of light in his dark dismal bucket of existence is his children. But he is even failing by them. Passed up for promotion at work and stepped on by his peers, after years of slaving for the company, he’s starting to realize that there is no just reward. The world is what you make of it… what you take of it. At the end of his rope, he decides to take what is owed to him. And, as the world comes crashing down on him, he decides to take hold of fate… and fate comes in the form of a GUN.

The series continues to introduce new talents to the comic world,  like writer Jerale Cleborne and colorist Daniela Larez, who have rocked this book alongside veteran artists like Andres Lambrada featuring amazing cover by Jeff Dekal and Patrick Reilly!

You can order yours through your Local Comic Shop; use DIAMOND code:

nov15 1264  the gun #2 (of 4)         (mr)              01/27/16                       srp: $3.99

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