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May 20, 2019 2:47 am

The Wizard Was Odd

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A ‘Wizard of Oz’ adventure from Toto’s point of view


Time is of the Essence!   A couple of days in Oz equals a year in Kansas, where Uncle Henry is dying; the Wizard may provide the cure, but will he be able to help Dorothy find her way home…and in time, to make a difference?

Alongside Toto, you will ride in the front seat of a thrilling and emotional roller coaster throughout the magical Land of Oz…and beyond. This Wizard of Oz takeoff is a multidimensional plot-twister as told from Toto’s perspective that includes an updated original cast and a host of other wondrous quirky social misfits. With many surprises along the way, this complex and intriguing parody has as much tongue-in-cheek humor as it does original content, adventure, mystery, fantasy, and romance.  This sequel begins a handful of days following Dorothy’s awakening in the 1939 MGM film, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. This time however, Tiny Toto takes charge!  – See more at: WWO 091515 Map_resized

An Author’s Journey – A Dedication to Unpublished Writers

This is a multifaceted project


As a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), I had access to its top-flight industry leaders. In the years that I worked on this series, editors, publishing houses, and literary agents in no uncertain terms advised me that Wizard of Oz had been rode hard and put away wet, it had been used and abused and could not take one more beating. I would mention Toto and their eyes would roll back in their heads…worse than Dr. Seuss alliterations, one said. After three years, I knew that self-publishing was my best option. This, my saga, still well underway, began in September 2014 with the completion of ‘The Wizard Was Odd’.

At that time, I engaged the services of a developmental editor (big picture), conferred with other professionals, and was advised that 800 plus pages was too long. However, it was suggested that the sequence of events were such that the book could easily be split into two parts. In that I had concluded the novel with an epilogue that rolled out a situation for the next book, I decided that a trilogy made sense.

Successful self-publishing requires copious public exposure; however, I am not adept with the ever-changing forms of social media. In researching other self-published projects, I decided that a Kickstarter platform because they favor the arts, would likely generate comparable excitement and public awareness. So…I began work on a Kickstarter campaign.

Folks are invited to the Kickstarter website to review projects and financially sponsor/support the ones that they find intriguing. Though it can be argued either way, I opine that a fantasy novel is a form of art and anyone that supports it is a ‘Patron’. A big part of the Kickstarter platform deals with rewarding Patrons for their financial support. The value of those rewards is always commensurate with the support the Patrons generously provide. I reasoned that since we were dealing in ‘art’, the Patrons deserved to be rewarded with ‘art’. Limited imagination, I turned to other successful Kickstarter platforms. Posters and books were a common reward, but for the amount that Patron’s contribute, I wanted to reward my Patrons with more. I researched digital art extensively, worked with an artist experienced with archival inks and paper, and decided on a play to reward my patrons with limited edition digital art. I worked with printers and coating manufactures to select book cover material that would stand the test of time because in addition to limited edition art, I would also offer limited edition printings of ‘The Wizard Was Odd’. In that I had neither book cover nor digital art, I had to create both.

Since I can’t draw a good stick figure, I commissioned an artist. A good trilogy, I was told, (and more than once), requires a map or two, so I commissioned a cartographer. I knew nothing of publishing books, much less books of archival quality. Understanding material composition, the book printing process, and searching globally to find the best printer was an undertaking that lasted for months.

WWOcoverWhere am I now?

I created a website that many of us could relate to – An Author’s Journey –

It is dedicated to many of us – present company included – A Dedication to Unpublished Writers

At this site you will find three blogs.

Evolution of Western Oz – This was an eight month journey with the cartographer complete with all conversations and developmental art. The map for Western Oz was completed and the blog concluded in July 2015.



Character/Scene Development began with the engagement of my artist. This blog is ongoing and will continue until all twelve scenes are developed. The blog records conversations and digital art from conception to completion. Three images and various covers pages are complete and displayed on this site. My artist took off for a month to tour museums and study art. He is working on my second book cover.

WWO 0915 Kiss of the Witch WWO 091515_Scarecrow Corn WWO0915 Cabin Small










A Brick at a Time is my daily blog but I seldom have daily material. It covers everything else that I have to deal with in the execution of this project.


Visit for more information, chapter 1, review copies, photos, and an author bio.

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